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‘Faith vs. Fact; Why religion and science are mutually incompatible

Religion and science

Religion and science are two different things and they often collide with each other. Even though both of them are important in this world, they are incompatible with each other. Science is based on facts and religion on faith. The later asks you to trust the findings and studies and doesn’t establish anything without proof, whereas in religion, your proof is your faith. You have to trust it. You can’t prove it, but you believe, it is there. There is no evidence that you can provide, but the reason is.

What is science?

Science is a branch of knowledge that organizes knowledge in forms of testable explanations. It is based on experiments, and nothing is left to faith. Whatever there is in this field, you are to establish its existence by the means of experiments, and tests. Everything has a proof, and there is no space for intuition. Modern science has changed a lot and has impacted our daily lives. It has found a cure for diseases, produced machines, and helped us to understand our universe. Science stretches to a larger horizon, and different branches deal with various other sections.


Faith can be defined as the complete trust in God, and his scriptures. There are no experiments and no proof of the existence of god, but you trust in the invisible. It’s a belief without evidence, unlike science that establishes evidence before it forms a thought. It is dependent upon rituals, religious books, and a belief system. Various religions in the world have a different belief system. They have been around for hundreds of years, and have been a major influence for many scientists. Faith can help in encouraging goodness in this world, but also can promote violence.


Why they are incompatible:

Both religion and science are incompatible with each other. The way they are formed is different. Science is based on experiments and facts. You prove something to believe in it. There is no need in believing in something that has no evidence. However, faith is entirely different. There is no evidence in the existence of a deity, but you have to believe. Some questions don’t have answers, and faith can be an answer where you trust a superior being to help you get through life. Both are incompatible with each other. The former has evidence for everything and is based on reason, but the latter appeals to faith. It has its way of establishing facts by experimentation, as well as by theoretical examples.

Can you be religious, and believe in science?

Yes. Science and religion may end up in different conclusions, but you can be a good scientist, and also believe in religion. Many scientists also believe in god.


Religion and science can be different than each other, but both believe in establishing facts. Science may do it by practical experimentation, but the reason in faith may be different. In nutshell, both have benefits mankind can reap.